What else do you sail?

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Hey, I was just wondering what other sailboats most Laser sailors are sailing, or have enjoyed sailing.

Around the local club, we have a lot of Sunfish and MC's with people who currently or used to sail Lasers.

In our house, my 9th grade son and I are doing this together, with the Laser and the Sunfish, but we're just starting out. My wife and father have been talking a little about these Catalina 22's, which are also popular around here.

Anyway, I look forward to the comments!



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I love to sail our Hobie 16. Its a blast especially on heavy days. We sail it more for fun- like trying to see how high up we can get on one hull or sailing it out to the beach (with a cooler strapped on of course). Never raced it though.
this past year i started to do some keel boat stuff on melges 24's and on a mumm 30. i also spend some time on 29er for fun and am looking at getting serious with a 49er now
My club has lots of centerboard boats and keel boats that I love to sail, We have a Glufstar 50, A Fischer 37, 2 Santana 20's, a Santana 23, J 24, and a Freedom 21, And those are just the keel boats! We have around 8 Club 420's, 4 Vanguard 15's, Too many lasers to count, 3 I14's, a tasar, 10 Sunfish, 130 opti's, yes 130!, A hobie Wave, A thistle, and 4 O'pen Bics! And I can actually say that I have sailed all of those boats! And I am glad to be out of the opti! I am now thinking of racing at the V15 Midwinters, Has anyone else raced there before?
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Chalmers, what club - where are you? That's quite a collection!

Gordo, what's that like on the 29er/49er!?
My club is called the Edison Sailing Center, it is in Fort Myers, FL. Surprisingly enough... A great majority of those boats are donated! We only have 2 07' lasers and 2 07' V15's, the rest were made who knows when!


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im just getting into 49er stuff but its pretty exciting. 29er's im not a fan of. being the driver of the boat i dont really like the way it handels. also the crew does most of the work and i find it hard to get locked into the boat. its not a great boat if you like being kinetic. it is a fun boat when the breeze is up. when its up above 15 knots its good.
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I'd kind of like to find out some day - but right now I'm still learning to control the Laser.

I also still want to try a 420, I did go out with a friend on his DaySailer once, but no spinnaker...
420's in my opinon are nothing speail. not hard to sail. ive only sailed them in regattas for my university tho. when the breeze gets up they are probably more fun. skiffs are good when the breeze gets up
club/college 420's are a lot different than the international 420. Imagine the same hull shape 100 pounds lighter with a flexible tapered rig, a trapize, a chute, and blades that do not look like they were shaped from plywood. The club/college model is a severly dumbed down version of the boat with similarities in hull shape cockpit shape and name mostly. Try one you will see it is a way different boat.
though c420 does have trap its useless on the boat. well not useless but it makes the boat slower because of the mast design and no spreaders it someone traping will bend the mast. i420 are actully similar to 470's. but here in na all we got is the c420
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Appreciate the insite, Beaker, I always thought they were identical and assumed the name change was due to a licensing issue or something...


As someone once said of me, Janet would sail a 2 x 4 if you put a piece of cloth on it. In my four years of sailing, I've sailed a J24, a Thistle, a Lido, an Interlake, a Wayfarer, a Comet (American), a Europe dinghy, a Laser, a Laser Bahia, a Flying Dutchman, a Daysailer, a Starwind 223, a Lancer 29, a Drascombe Lugger, and the 12 meter America's Cup winner Intrepid (that one was a tour thing before I really got into sailing, but I did take the wheel). I regularly sail the Laser, Laser Bahia, Starwind, and crew on a Thistle and Flying Dutchman. I'm selling the Europe dinghy because I have too many boats, though I don't own all the ones that I've named!
Purely laser radial sailing nowadays. In my past have sailed Enterprises, Toppers, Mirrors, 405's, National 12, Laser 2, Rooster 8.1, RS200, RS400, RS300 and RS800, Bosuns and windsurfing.
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Here's an update, looks like I'm going to spend Jan-Mar crewing on a Catalina 22 for weekly races - starting Jan 4th - not to the exclusion of the Laser, of course!
Used to sail Cal 20, Mumm 30, Hobbie 33, Megles 24 ......... and in college various dinghies including FJ's.

Know its my laser, J-24, J-46 ..... and hopefully soon a Moth.

Life is getting simpler :eek:)