What else besides sailing?

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What does everyone do when they aren't sailing?

Personally, I'm interested in aviation, so spotting, hanging out around a busy airport is always cool.

Other than that, there's a drumset next to my office here at the shop, and after the customers go home, it's time to blast away on the kit.

WestCoast said:
What does everyone do when they aren't sailing?

Read about sailing, think about sailing, write about sailing, do race committee, talk about sailing, dream about sailing, work on the boat, teach sailing, plan sailing vacations, keep fit for sailing, argue about sailing, buy sailing stuff....

Why would anyone want to do anything else? :confused:
Work (Bushcare Officer @ Local Council), bushwalk, listen to music (hip hop / dance / electronica), gym, relationship, walk dogs, friends.


laser2_9804 said:
Work at the local sports stadium, go to uni, read, listen to music, write (when I don't have block :rolleyes: ), go to the gym
Hey Vicky,

Are you one of them there English majors? I was, and look where it's gotten me!

But seriously. . .

I'm writing a book y'all, and checking on posts here is what I do for a break.



WestCoast said:
Merrily, what's the book about?
It's about a boy who was taken prisoner by Shawnee Indians in 1792 on the Ohio River near Cincinnati. I've been researching and writing it for years. The closer I get to being done, the harder it gets, as I seem to be losing momentum. However, I've invested so much time and money into it that I won't quit, nor do I really want to. I hope you are a fan of irony.

Merrily - I'm not an english major, I'm studying social work. Writing is just another hobby I have, a way to vent and de-stress. Good luck with your book! I'd like to write a novel one day but right now I have a total lack of ideas. Usually I write poetry and short stories (which I never seem to finish). That's the plan for these holidays - get some of my stories finished. :)


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Everything Old Geezer does, plus: go to school, do stuff with my friends, look at ski stuff, ski, tune my ski stuff, play paintball, tune my paintball stuff, buy more paintball stuff and make a little money (I gotta pay for all of this some how :p)... That's it, I don't think I could do much more.


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Okay. So I know everyone here wants to know what I do....well actually probably not, but I will tell you anyways.

A lot of my time goes to my sailing websites, my job on KIX 96, and of course class.
When I am not doing any of those things I enjoy going out on the boat or jetski, camping, going to the beach, 4-wheelin, and just about anything outdoors. I am also a big sports fan. Love to watch football (American) and baseball (Go Braves and Falcons!).

So now you know a little about me, I am curious to see more responses from other members here.

dont mind a bit of NFL

i just cant see the entertainment in baseball, i watched the white sox vs. the astros (games 3 and 4 in whatever series it was just recently), i understood it but it bored the hell out of me

guess it would be the same for you guys watching a game of cricket.

on that point, anyone noticed how much american sports focus on statistics than other sports?
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I have had people explain cricket to me. I think I've even looked up the wiki article on it, but I just don't see it....

I could see how american baseball would be weird from an outside point of view.

I actually went to some batting cages last week with some sailing friends. Brought back all sorts of Little League memories!
I'll go and look for going skiing in January. Other hardwater sports like DN-sailing (ice-hockey or dutch speed-skating) is not possible here in the moment, its becoming wet outside, yes, but since some seasons during Nov-Dec-Jan often it's to warm outside, for a usable hardwatersurface at our lakes here :(
Although I nearly have worn out legs for wintersports, I'll plan go and play with the devil again and go to the Alpines at Austria or Italy to enjoy some Jaeger-teas and the fun on and offside the skiing areas ;o)
I'm a Chief Tech Dir for a finanical firm in NY and when I'm not studying for a cert I enjoy reading and spending time with my wife and 2 children. I have Rock Climbed for the past 15 years and also enjoy many other outdoor sport.... mountain biking..sailing the laser, sailing the Thistle. I also enjoy training in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a few times a week.

Welcome to my world.... :)