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For a beginer in sailing, what kind of boat would you go with, keep in mind I plan on sailing around the world, what kind of equipment would I need
Bavaria Cruiser 50 It’s been on the water for a year or so in Europe, and now the Cruiser 50—big sister to the Cruiser 45 that won a 2012 Best Boats award—has made it to this side of the Pond. It’s a powerful offshore boat with a choice of interior layouts to suit just about any cruising plans or styles. The roomy hull is from Farr Yacht Design and performance should live up to the name.


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I would suggest reading Maiden voyage ... It's about an 18 year old, Tanie Abie who had no sailing experience and sailed around the world in a brand new 26 foot sloop. Interesting reading.
If you're serious about sailing around the world, you want a decent sized boat that can handle open ocean sailing. It can get extremely rough very quickly, I've experienced 15-20ft seas with gale force winds on a large boat, I could still feel the waves 2-3 days after I was back on land. I can't imagine what it would have been like on a 26ft boat!

If I were to attempt to sail around the world I'd want a TP52 or similar size/performance.

You could start sailing with a Laser!