What do you look for in a webstore? (Part I)

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When you order dinghy gear from a shop, what is important?

Mostly price?
Supporting the local shop?
Saving on shipping, shipping options, fast shipping?
Great clearance deals?
No hassle, one stop shop?

Where do you get your Laser Sails, and why do you get them there?

Why would you change your supplier now?

What reasons do you take your hard earned money to certain Laser stores?

A successful webstore for us gets us on the road to helping the sport as we wish to. What can we do to be YOUR store?

*no linky provided, as frankly, I'm not trying to SPAM the store, just looking for your input.

**Part II will be about promotions you'd like to see :)
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honestly, this is the last thread on this, everyone's input is very helpful to help us try and offer exactly what Laser sailors need.

thanks for everyone's help so far, this is the last bit of input I seek!


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basically, i buy from a store that has rock bottom clearence deals, i mean mind blowing deals, fair price for shipping, and a wide variety of products to choose from.

I think that people already have a tiller and a rudder, but they are looking for little accesories that willl make them faster (random lines, micro blocks, clew strap, shock cord).
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Glen - price is king, it seems your sentiments are not unlike others.

Loyal to low prices as long as it comes with decent service.... Keep the input coming.
For me -

I want to see the parts with good photos, not just a brief description.
I'd like to compare it side by side to other options with photos.
I like an explanation / technical info on the pieces.
Some tips or rigging guides.
Price is important, but good info is equally important.
Inexpensive shipping - or optional Quick shipping, in case you need something THIS weekend.

I don't have a local dealer to support, and the closest Vanguard rep doesn't stock Laser parts. Information and advice are the most important to me, from people that use the stuff. I support my local bike shops because of that.
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Mike, your on the opposite side as Glen.

You want details, information and specs. What is hard is to find a balance. You can always call our shop for details and specs, but I don't want to go overboards.

I guess I'm still working on that balance.

I'll be adding all the part locators and rigging guides to the store soon, but they are available on our website to download already.

our URL is: http://westcoastsailing.net/osCommerce/catalog/

I have small and big versions of all the parts photos, how did I do Mike?
Oh, I totally understand, and from the retail viewpoint, who is building the website, who maintains it and keeps it up to date, takes photos? - it's an expensive deal. When would you have time to SAIL?

But it's nice to see what you're getting, and compare x to y on the same site. If it's a few bucks (5, 10%?) difference, but the advice, service, and information is better, I wouldn't even blink before going with the better service. It's people that make the difference.

I'll check the site and look around.


First, I don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call APS because they are ALWAYS curteous and helpful with even the smallest questions about their products. Then they don't mind when I place the order on their website and get the reduced price shipping.

Second, I'm on sort of a quest for some stylish women's polyester clothing. I'd especially like a polyester hat with a strap that says that I'm a woman, not some black fuzzy thing that evokes grizzly bear.