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What determines quality on charter trip?

Dear sailors,

My name is Johanna, I'm studying International Cruise Industry Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven and I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on quality management in the yacht charter sector.

By means of primary and secondary research I am trying to find out to which extend a newly launched rating system for charter companies is actually a valid indicator of quality among the tested organizations.

In order to draw valid conclusions I need all the sailors and crewmembers around to complete a VERY SHORT questionnaire for me. It is absolutely anonymous and only takes two minutes.


If you have any queries or additional comments to make please contact me: charter-umfrage@gmx.de

Thank you all for your participation!!! :rolleyes:


Thank you for noting that the survey is closed, but I don't see any need to delete it. Perhaps the poster will come back with results and discussion.