What are your thoughts on boat lifts?

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I have a Catalina Expo 14.2 on a Florida lake. My dock and most others were seriously damaged by last years hurricanes (3 at our location). I am thinking about an aluminum verticle boat lift by ShoreMaster. I expect to place it next to a floating dock. In the event of another hurricane I expect to tie the boat to a secured trailor in my garage. Do you have any pros or cons to suggest? Thanks, Al
One of my buddies has a hydro lift for his 24' speed boat down here in San Diego Bay. Works great but some wing nut backed into one of the Hydro lifts' float tubes cracking it (fiberglass tank) so it wouldn't hold air. The lift was half sunk while attached to the dock so it almost tore the dock apart. It was a real hard fix as the float tube was cracked below its waterline. You will need AC power on the dock for the air pump that floats the tube as well as a spot to mount the control unit/air pump.