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What are these parts?

Alan S. Glos

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A few weeks ago I bought a vintage Sunfish and a bunch of extra parts and gear, including the wood rudder assembly and daggerboard shown in the attached photos. The seller had a second badly damaged hull, an old Scopion (Sunfish clone), and thought these parts came off that hull. The design of the rudder assembly is very similar to a pre-1972 Sunfish rig, but the dimensions and bronze hardware are different. I don't even know if the rudder assembly and daggerboard came off the same hull, but I suspect they did. The distinctive daggerboard feature is the "double" side spring shown in the photos.

So, what have I got?

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


signal charlie

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We had a rudder like that once, didn't know what it was but a gent who came by to buy some other parts from us said it was from a Scorpion.