Wet, Windy and Wavy Day One in Hyeres (Campbell Sailing)


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With the sun shining in my eyes this morning I thought that I was dreaming of sunny, warm and moderate conditions. The sky had managed to stay clear of clouds for a full 24 hours. And yet, by the time we started our first race at about 11:45 darkness had reasserted itself and foreboding rain [...]

"...and foreboding rain clouds swept across the sailing area...[story goes on to read like what not to do on a laser race]...)

While some of the situations in the story are direct result of bad form (I know what causes the sheet to catch the boom at the final block...;)) the reason for that badform happening at all is more elusive.

It's just plain wierd that sometimes you know you shouldn't be out sailing becasue of that "foreboding". Sounds like hippy new age claptrap, but I can't see another explanation. If you're in a situation where you have to race, like being an olympic campaigner, what can yo do?

It's like the long thread about "boatfeel". This is weatherfeel or enviro-feel.

Sometimes i'll look at what seems like a perfectly good day and want to go out, but the inner warning is there, and what do you know, 20 minutes later the wind will rise to 35knots, the clouds roll in and a full on gale will happen. At other times a very dark rainy day will feel completely safe and great days sailing can be had. At other times the inner warning will come on a sunny day, or a day that you just can't place what the light is up to, and you know somethings up.

So what is it? Is it all in our minds? Doesn't seem to be. It's not normal anxiety or inexperinced fear.
Somehow our brains are making notes everytime we sail and not necessarily articulating them in ways our minds can understand, but we can still feel the intent. And then in hindsight you see the patterns and find it not so amazing that your nightmare trip happened that day, that gear broke for no reason, that you got caught out when you shouldn't have.

And worst of all, you have to ignore it sometimes or you fall into the superstitious trap. You can chose when to sail and not, ther eare still normal technical errors to learned and adjusted for, but if i get that feeling now and I don't have to or can do gym work or something else sailing related, i do it.