Wet sanding, cleaning or both?

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Hey everyone I'm getting ready to sail in Midwinters East and was wondering what you guys do to get your blades and hull in shape. Usually i just wash it but i think its time for a wetsand. Any suggestions?
When I wetsand, I use less fine paper first on the spots with more serious scrapes that are in direct contact with the water. Then i just go over the entire boat with extremely fine grit. It's important to sand it back and forth in the same direction the water flows across it. Same goes for the blades. See you at midwinters, its gonna be sick.
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Yeah i know i can't wait. My names Dylan Finneran and my sail #s 179458. Your lucky you live in Florida, you can sail all year round. I live in NJ. Are you going to be training the day before the regatta? How are the conditions, ive never sailed there. See you there.