Wellington, NZ Info Needed

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Hi Kiwis,

My Daughter is headed to Wellington for 6 months of study at Onslow College. I'd like to connect her to the sailing scene down there. She'll be there next week, July 20.

She's raced Lasers, C420's, Lightnings, J24's and some big boats, all over New England, USA. She's a serious skier too. But not much Roaring 40's type experience.

So, let me know who or what she needs to know, and I'll pass it along. She'll also be on Waiheki for a few weeks in October.

Thanks, and Hike Hard.

Al Russell 182797
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I've connected with the Worser Bay BC principals, and the Lion Foundation, plus Royal Port Nicholson YC. Great programs, and nice people. Terry even called me in the US from NZ to get it going faster!

We're looking to borrow a laser radial setup at WBBC, if you know of one. She'll have a sail with her, and could bring upgrades, etc.

Also, if you're at Onslow College, then say hello.

Al Russell 182797