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Well, I give up up on freeing the brass drain plug


PB Blaster over multiple sessions accomplished nothing. I filed opposing sides of the head flat to get a wrench around it, but the brass disintegrates under pressure, as with a screw driver and hammer of course.

Are all the kayak plugs identical? They're available everywhere, including Amazon, but don't specifically mention the Sunfish. They look exactly like the ones on Sunfish supply sites. They're all the same thing though, right?

I see that the plastic plugs require enlarging the hole. That seems feasible. My only concern is how the mounting screws bite the thin fiberglass. Is there a wood block at that location inside the hull or is a plastic plug plate attached merely by some adhesive and a pair of screws trying to hold against the fiberglass sufficient?



Thanks. I figured it wouldn't be under much strain. I just wasn't sure what the criteria are for actually achieving a solid attachment. Admittedly, I have very little feel for how strongly a screw can bite into fiberglass. It might be more secure than I'm worried about.


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Need one (or two) here also. Our wooden Sailfish has 2 bronze drains but the threads of both are frozen. Will anything solve that?