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I'm Goonie and I realized that there was nothing for us young guys and gals! Nowhere for us to go and talk to people our own age, who we can relate to! So I asked Brad if I could start 'Juniors' and he accepted. I suggest you go and send a request in to join 'Juniors' by clicking http://forum.laser.org/groupcp.php <on that. Joining has its benefites, one day this part of the forum will be for junior members only.(So that all those old farts cant bug us. :lol: ) J/K. We need to have a strong 'Junior' community so that Lasering doesn't die out when the current Laserlites stop racing or die :cry: . This forum is here to encourage younge people to try Lasers out and to show young people the healthy Lasering community!

Feel free to come here and talk about anything you want. Got a good sailing joke? Post it! Got a funny Sailing picture? POST IT! Got something you want to post completely unrelated to sailing? POST IT!