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So if the boat is the "ILCA Dinghy" will the class be called the "International ILCA Dinghy Class Association?"
So if the boat is the "ILCA Dinghy" will the class be called the "International ILCA Dinghy Class Association?"
And following that line of thinking, will the class association name abbreviation be the IILCACA? Then when there is another trademark dispute the boat will be renamed the IILCACA Dinghy, run by the International IILCACA Class association, known as the IIILCACACA. .
... or IILLCCAA for short...

I was in a theatre with my wife watching Eddy Izzard's show when my phone started shaking (sound off of course). It looked as if everybody here stumbled upon Scuttlebutt's page at the same time and then wanted to share their opinion.:)

I am very curious to know who's willing to take the gauntlet here in Europe. When we drove home, my wife and I discussed this whole situation. She suggested two things: big chance that LPE will go after every new manufacturer with lawsuits (the new manufacturer being then weakest link during their start-up phase). Secondly, LPE knows/feels/has more info about what's going to happen with 'yes/no Laser' during the Olympics. When the Laser is cancelled, a large part of the market will collapse for LPE: those who want to have the newest of the newest. This derailing situation between LPE and ILCA can be a way of getting rid of all supplies and/or turning away from the relative small Olympics-driven part of the Laser community.

Let's be fair: Dutch Laser Class has 500+ members, only a handful of these attend official regattas. 70% of the members go out, have fun and attend the Weekly Wednesday Evening / Sunday Morning events from their clubs. Nobody of those recreational sailors is interested in a sticker from ILCA in their boat. They just have fun and a beer on the terrace after the race telling big stories. Protests? Unheard of ? You have to pay 50 euros for a protest. If you lose, the money goes into the annual BBQ fund. When you win, you get your 50 euros back. For them, it's like the Sunfish community.

We're kicking off or District series this weekend. This has no affect on our group nor will it have any affect for a long time. This will be in my rear view mirror until something if substance breaks loose. At this point it's like watching CNN news here in the states. Which has unfortunately become the "speculation news" channel....
Interesting how little they have to say beyond "this is illegal"... maybe they're finally realizing how few cards they have left. Strange, too, how much it seems to bug them that the ILCA office is in Texas, and that the leadership aren't all professionals.

Amazing how their arrogance has destroyed so much value in their company and possibly cost the Laser Olympic status. The Laser and Sunfish classes were just along for a very unpleasant ride, and Sunfish is still stuck with them.
Thanks LaLi for posting that info. It appears that ILCA is moving steadily forward with their plans, whether we like it or not.
And I agree with Torrid's "YAWN" that Torch, Gamma or Prism would have been more 'interesting/catchy' as a name for our single-hander.
I've got a sticky question for them which I will probably submit. Isaf/world Sailing plaques (buttons, and equipment stickers) are a relatively new addition to the class 20 years), does all equipment pre dating this addition are now illegal at class sanctioned events.