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So I recently acquired an Alcort Flying Fish, and it looks like the previous owner added a strange cleat to the bow (I don't think it's original to the boat.) Its got two weird hooks that curve towards each other. Does anybody know the purpose of this? It looks like maybe it catches an anchor line? I can't figure it out.
The double hook thingy is for mooring the boat to a dock or an anchor or some other way to secure the boat. A mooring line is tied to the dock or whatever, passed through the double hook thing and then secured to the cleat on your mid for deck. The forked thing is used to prevent chafing of the line or the boat. I doubt either of these pieces of hardware are used for rigging but then I am not familiar with this specific species of sailing vessel...


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Ah, okay. I found it on a couple Flying Fish so it must be original to some versions. Good to know, thanks!


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Apparently it's called a "skene chock". A "skene chock" is a type of "deck chock", which is a type of "fairlead". Aren't nautical terms fun? But yes, you're correct, it is essentially a guide for the mooring rope or anchor.

I think in this particular case you're supposed to moore it on the big cleat in the center, but run the line through this so it holds the bow against the dock. Probably so you can easily untie it from in the boat without crawling out on the bow to get at it.
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