Weight Limit?

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Looking at a 14.2 to possibly buy. How many people can comfortably day sail in this boat? What are the passenger weight limits?
Fun Family boat

Last year I successfully had myself (240lb), my fiancee (I know better than to post online) and two children with a combined weight under 80lb. I did not have any issues, even with the little ones moving about the cockpit willy nilly.

I hope to repeat this year, though I may have to lose some weight as the kids get older lol
I have also sailed my Mod 2 with four adults, my guess would be 750 lbs.

The interesting thing, it's a lot more stable with the extra weight and even clipps along quite decently!
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Sounds like it will fit the bill nicely. I am looking for a boat to trailer to my cabin in WA. It is a rather tight launch area so I am looking for something small that my wife and I can sail, but also want to take the occasional guest.

Thanks Guys!
I have had 4 in mine several times without a problem. Once had all 4 of us on hiking out while sailing in the Gulf of Mexico. 3 is more comfortable, 2 is roomy, and solo I don't have anyone telling what to do.