Weather Helm

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I am new owner of 1986 Capri 14.2. I usually leave dock under main only and raise jib after checking everything is in order. Some times leave jib furled if wind over 15 or 20. I am surprised how much weather helm I have, sometimes tiller is behind my back along rail and boat is moving straight ahead, but heeled quite a bit. I never experienced this on my recently sold Mutineer. Is this normal for the 14.2?
Sounds like you're still over powered with just the main up. The C14.2 has a smallish rudder, so it doesn't take much for it to stall (water flow over the rudder detaches). You can't really steer the boat when this happens. You must depower the main by easing the mainsheet enough for the boat to flatten enough for the rudder to start working again. I've never sailed the boat under just main as it really needs the jib to balance the boat/ helm. I think a reef or two in the main would work best to depower the C14.2 so it will sail in 20+. Search "reef" on this forum. Hope this helps.