Weather for D12 Opener!!!! Awsome!!!!

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Forecast is looking great!!! Typical S/SW seabreeze. Today's afternoon practice folks will see a south breeze at 10+. Tomorrow, South breeze 12-15. Sunday- South breeze around 10. We'll get our 7 races in for sure and wiith the breeze direction the local knowledge on the current will be greatly reduced to about non-existant.

If you miss this one you'll be missing a great one! I understand Saturday dinner will be prime rib! and we'll have Kegs, (yes kegs) of unlimited brew........

Why are you reading this! Get on the road!

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41 boats registered. Old US Finn, (and Laser) Sailing Team member Eric Otgen is dusting off his Laser too!

We'll see nearly 50 boats........

Quit reading. Start driving!