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Are there any class rules governing the substances allowed on the underside of the hull? (e.g., wax, polish,teflon,etc...)

Also, where can i get a copy of the rules?
From the class rules (avail at www.laserinternational.org):

(a) Waxing, polishing and fine wet and dry sanding of the hull is permitted, provided the intention and effect is to polish the hull only. Polishing/sanding shall not be used to remove mould imperfections.
(b) Sanding and refinishing of the hull with the intention or effect to lighten the hull or improve the performance, finish, materials or shape beyond the original is not permitted.

From the RRS (afail at www.sailing.org):

A boat shall not eject or release a substance, such as a polymer, or have specially textured surfaces that could improve the character of the flow of water inside the boundary layer.

So, yes, you can wax or polish so long as you're not using some compound that would cause you to violate RRS 53 above. The stuff you mention specifically is allowed.