Waterproof Iphone Cases

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I'm just about to purchase a case for my iphone case that can sustain getting wet. I know there's a lot of cases that claim to be waterproof. I'm looking for something that is small enough to carry everyday and can survive a dunk in a lake. I'm looking for firsthand reviews from someone who has used one. I've looked at Lifeproof and the Griffin Survivor. I like the Lifeproof but it costs half the price of the phone ($100) however; it is very form fitting and small.

Any thoughts?


West Marine sells clear dry bags meant for small electronics. Touchpads work through the plastic, plus, if you seal it with some air inside, I assume it will float.


On the Water
I have an Aquapac. As Jon said, mine appears to be water tight, but I have yet to test it on the water. This year I'll take the iPhone I replaced with a newer version. The phone doesn't work, but the other apps do (race timer and GPS).
love the life proof... 80$ at best buy and to save a 600$ phone it is worth it. took it to the beach last week and no problems...

put this in a small dry bag with air and you have a floating phone that is about as safe as it can be...