Water-tight hatch Up grade for Mod 2

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I have a Catalina Capri 14.2 Mod 2 (1993) and would like to install a Mod 3 water-tight hatch. Is this up-grade practical and doable? Any recommendations?
How can I get a Mod 3 water-tight hatch?
Jorge, here's a silly question, What do you plan to use it for or why do you need it water tight since the cuddy stowage is already watertight?

I keep my collapseable paddles and emergency essentials in the cuddy and the "black bag" does a good job of keeping it all in there.
Incidentally, and please correct me if I'm wrong someone .... the bag is actually for stowing the main and jib halyards after the sails are hoisted and it really works great, instantly tidies up that front cockpit area of all that loose rope and it's a lot of rope.
I encourage you to go sailing and enjoy this sweet boat as it is. ..... please forgive me for carrying on!

Mine is a 1992 by the way:)
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Capri 14.2 cuddy bag

Thanks for the feedback. Do you know where I could order a replacement for the cuddy "blue bag"?
My cockpit organizer is brown, maybe they made them in a variety of colors? By the way my boat is a 1985, no box in the cuddie makes it a mod 2 right?
My cockpit organizer is brown, maybe they made them in a variety of colors? By the way my boat is a 1985, no box in the cuddie makes it a mod 2 right?
As far as I know, all mod 2's have a cuddy storage that also serves to seal off the inner hull area from flooding if the boat turtles. I guess that makes yours a mod 1. which I believe should have a watertight hatch door/cover :confused:

Many of the members have mod 1.'s, they'll be able to qualify it for sure!
I have the Mod 2, it has a box that is about the size of a kitchen trashcan inside the cuddy. It is sealed up nicely and took on no water the one time I turtled the boat. The same day some kids in their Mod 1 turtled and the hatch came loose and the boat flooded and nearly sank. They managed to get towed back to the marine and drained water out of the hull for the next hour or so. They found they did not have floatation bags inside the hull. They have since added bags and a better hatch/latch.

I have considered removing the box from my Mod 2 to give a little more storage, but I haven't decided on how I would seal up the hatch opening.

1989 Capri 14.2 Mod2
1984 Catalina 22
I too toyed with the idea of removing the trash-can and putting in a hatch cover (there are a lot of posts about it with different ideas). I finally decided to be a minimalist on what I bring with be and have decided to stick with the trash-can.
Got it, thanks tuna and woody, mod 1 is what I have got so maybe they changed bag color for mod 2. I have never seen a mod 2 bag so it may be more different than I am imagining. I have turtled mine with the hatch cover off before, and thanks to the the lines stuffed in the organizer which kept it with us long enough in the sideways phase of the capsize I was able to toss it up into the cuddy before it turtled and I did not loose my hatchcover/organizer combo. I took on a LOT of water that day. That cute little bag has always been a feature of the boat that I have enjoyed, not only is it practical, but it makes the cockpit look classy (my silly opinion) its much more attractive than just a bare plywood hatch upfront.

Just to confirm, I also have an '85 mod 1 (#636) and my bag is brown. Funny the boat and spare parts was a handmedown and I never realized the brown bag was standard equipment. My cuddy door was lost before I got her and I plan to replace it this offseason. Actually I made a crappy one of of plywood years ago but want to make a proper one out of teaks is winter. I now plan to restore the bag to it's rightful spot.
Anybody know where you can get one of the brown bags? I lost mine a couple of years ago and have been looking for one. If there is a source in the San Diego area, I am going to be out there next week and would like to pick one up.

I am planning on stopping past the nationals this weekend.