Water in Hull

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I went over my boat 3 months ago to find and plug any leaks. I found one at the bow deck seam, one at the cockpit bailer...I'm not sure if that was inside or outside, and one at the stern from a crack. The hull does have quite a bit of crazing inder the lip but it was too broad to address and it did not seem to be structural damage. It had been taking on about 3-4 cups of water after a days sailing. Post re-hab it was bone dry for weeks.. Then, it got left out in the rain for a couple weeks and the cockpit flooded(bad mommy). Now, after a days sail I have about 1/2 cup. HOW MUCH DO YOU FIND ACCEPTABLE LEAKAGE? Any? My guess is the leak is from around the bailer. There is a guy how regularly beats the pants off of everyone that has gallons at the end of the day in his boat(no lie). Also, as an aside, the retainer clip broke on my rudder pintel/spring. I had a hard time finding one locally but the clip is the same as used in marine trolling motors and the boat shop had one...DL
I find that any water in the hull un-acceptable. If you suspect the bailer opening, remove the bailer (hopefully the new plastic type), and do another leak test to see if the cockpit/hull joint at the bailer is leaking. While you have the leak test stuff out, check the whole boat. You may find a new leak elsewhere on the hull. Wind Line Sail's (http://www.windline.net/index.html) "How To Section" tells you how to do a leak test.