Water in Hull

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One place water can leak into fiberglass hulls on 1960s boats is the Serial Number plate. For a while Alcort drilled vent holes right through the middle of the plate, or hid the hole UNDER the plate. Alcort and AMF boats also have a vent hole on the forward cockpit bulkhead, it's important to not let cockpits fill up with water or else water will drain inside the hull.


I got a reminder of that when we were rinsing off WAVE today. Find WAVE. :)



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Certainly a possibility but the elephant in this room on an old Sunfish is the hull to deck joint. I assume most owners have added a drain at a low point on the transom.


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In Florida, even garage storage of Sunfish (on-edge) permits natural condensation--which supplies plenty of internal water.

Cooler night air holds more moisture, which finds its way into every kind of vessel. As the day warms up, moisture forms on interior surfaces and drips to the lowest surface. The starboard drain plug should be left open and let gravity remove the condensation.