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Water in Carbon Top Section (please help)


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I've just recently come to the realisation that there is water in my carbon top section, now this may because of my insane amount of capsizing. First of all, how do I make sure no more get in and is there a way of draining it. I've heard talk of drilling a hole but would this make it a problem during things like measurement. I have got some time on my hands to repair so any expertise is appreciated.

Just a little bit of background on the section, its a cst and that's as much as I know. It does say laser on it as the boat is 2 years old.

Thanks in advance :)



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The best way is probably drilling a hole, not sure how strict they are with measurement for regattas you’re planning on attending but I’ve never had my upper measured that closely, I went to a world sailing regatta and they gave the stickers out without even looking at anything but the sail
I'm not near my boat but I'm pretty sure the bottom plug is held by rivets.
Drill them out. remove the plug, empty the water and then replace the rivets. Add some silicon before you close it up.
Alternatively, check the top plug; often is not glued in very well (or at all) and can be removed.


Upside down?
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Is this something you can complain about?
Is your upper spar still under some sort of warranty after two years?