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When my wife and I took the boat out a few weekends ago we discovered that there was no place to put our water bottles after pulling them out of the cooler that was located in the hatch. It wasn't convenient going in and out of the hatch while on the water, and they seemed to get in the way when rolling around on the floor.

While I was doing some work in my garage I came across two aluminum water bottle cages that were installed on my old bike. Problem solved!

I simply attached the cages to the hatch door and added two Camelbak 20 oz Chill Jacket Insulated bottles. These water bottles will keep water and ice chilled for hours, even on a hot day, and the bike cages keep them securely at arm’s reach without having to go in and out of the hatch.

I’m sure there are other water bottle holders out there made for sailing, but since I had them I thought it was an easy and free solution. The best part is that they stay in the cages regardless of water conditions and/or if capsized.

I’m a strong believer that you should never do any physical activity without having the proper hydration readily available so I thought I would share my idea and setup with you.

Love it

Love the idea and I have been eying that spot to mount a radio or a basket to hold stuff, since even if capsized anything mounted there won't get wet. Last year a built a dual cup holder that holds cans/bottles out of cedar and I mounted it on the transom on my motor mount bracket, about even with the seats so that the drinks give the tiller enough clearance. But I like your idea too and may incorporate it when I build a new cuddy door this winter.

Keep up the good work. I mean, sailing!

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