wasps nest in hull


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I came back from holidays, and I think there's a wasps nest in the hull of my Laser. Wasps coming in and out. I went sailing nevertheless. Afterwards I closed the rear plug and the inspection port. When I sailed next day, the wasps were still busy. I can't see the nest through the inspection port. I don't want to float the inside of the hull with water, because the boat is dry & light. What to do?
I've used a shop vac to get wasps out of various places. It will take some time to get them all. Don't apply full vacuum to the hull to avoid damaging the boat. You could put some fine screen over the inspection port and fit the shop vac to the drain. Or you could place the shop vac hose near the drain so as to get the wasps that are both leaving and entering. Then you have to figure out how to get rid of the mostly dead wasps in your shop vac canister.
To kill everything inside the hull, spray wasp insecticide into it. To kill the wasps in the shop vac, spray / suck wasp insecticide into it. I had a large wall nest inside a salvage hull, which fortunately had a 5" inspection port and an easy job of cleaning.
I suggested the shop vac to avoid spraying insecticide into your boat. The wasps in the vacuum will be dead after a few days without insecticide and many are killed by their journey to the canister.