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War breaks out in Texas


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Three weeks ago, over 200 flying terrorists moved into my boat house. They then took to aerial bombing my Switzerland-like little Sunfish. Here is what it looked like on day one of their offensive. From my view. 84B0C538-DC4E-4EF4-BD34-3B56C333336E.jpeg
Next pic is the carnage they deployed from their view:7B497448-D847-4FAF-BF79-CFB4AFD52820.jpeg

Since these evil do’ers are amongs my brothers of flying things, I will not physically harm them (although it’s a tempting thought given it took me a year and a half to bring my little Sunfish back to life). If I won’t hurt them, I’ll go after their (my) habitat. Day one of my counter offensive:

By day four I was winning both the ground and air war:

Now the air is calm. Both sides are counting their habitat losses and minor injuries. For now, Matilda, my little Sunfish, and friend, is poop free. For now..........

Let’s hope the habitat-sanctions I have placed on these flying boat-bombers will do the job. I remain ever vigilant!

Wishing you all a poop-free summer, filled with great winds and fair skies!

Warm regards,
looks like a shit. storm.

Reminds me of the time my mother-in-law received an easter card. She opens it up, and just at that moment, a bird overhead crapped on it.
I laughed (on the inside).
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