Wanting to buy a Laser in Sydney Australia

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I'm looking to buy a laser in the Sydney area. I'm not good enough / not rich enough for a shinny new boat, but I definetley need something in good nick to be competitive. I probably need / can afford a boat in 1600000 - 1700000 boat range. While their is plenty of second hand boats in Sydney, I can't find any in this range. Most are either newer and very expensive, or much older and not in good racing condition. The only ones I've seen in this range had been treated a bit baddly.

If any Aussie viewers see this and know of anything then please let me know. Cheers Much!!!!!!!!!!



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Hi Alistair.
I tried to send you an email but it got rejected.
This is what I wrote:
Hi, my name's Adrian and i'm currently looking to sell my laser.
Sail no. is 168155. I bought it second hand around 3 years ago and have been racing it since then. It is in good condition with a radial and full rig. You can buy it with either one or both if you would like. It comes with a trailer and dolley, turbo kit, spar carriers, all in one foil bag and boat and sail covers. The full rig sail is what came with the boat and is in good conition. The radial sail I bought 3 seasons ago and is what I have been racing with and is in good condition except for a small tear on the edge of one batten pocket and the elastic in one other batten pocket is broken but they still work fine. They have been rolled since I have had them. The hull is in good condition apart from a few minor scratches and chips and is watertight. The top mast and both bottom masts are in fine condition. The boom is good except for a bit of corrosion around a few of the fittings. The rudder is fine and the centreboard is ok except for the bottom corner on the trailing edge which I repaired after it snapped off. I also have a copy of Ben Ainslie's Laser Campaign Manual which has good tips and a cd with movies of tacking and gybing etc. which i'll throw in.
All in all it is in fine ready to race condition with nothing to buy.
The reason for selling is that our club is trying to start up a Cherub fleet next season so I will be buying one when the Laser is sold
Asking price is $5500 for both rigs or $5000 for one.
If you would like some photos I should be taking some tomorrow so if you get back to me I can send you some if you would like.
If you want to know anything else just send me an email and i'll see what I can do.

My email address is ajbeer22@hotmail.com if you want to contact me.
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Adrian has been got enough to point out that I got my e-mail address wrong in the original post. It should read:


Appologies to anyone who has been trying to contact me. I hope to look at Adrian's boat but am also interested in hearing from anyone else. Thanks!
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