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Hello, I've been lurking about for a week or so and I'm thinking seriously about getting another sailboat. I like this forum, especially since I once happily owned a Capri 14.2. What a resource this forum would have been to me 17 years ago...
Anyway, I'm an avid windsurfer but got my start on the 14.2. Well, now my kids are wanting a jet-ski...to them that's better than watching dad shred the lake while hanging out on the beach. The kids are now old enough to crew and learn to sail and seem to be open to the idea of a sailboat. Mainly though, I foresee memories on the sailboat and I've been doing well avoiding jetskis.
I don't know if I'll find a Capri (locally) but I was wondering what you guys and gals thought of Hunter 146's, 170's and how they compare. Also, similar sized boats that I might check into for me and my two sons, age 14 and 17. I know how wonderful the Capri is so try to be objective if possible if you have knowledge/experience with other craft.

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Lots of nice boats out there. Hunters are usually slow boats. Capri 16.5 would be another one to look for and they have a yahoo group. I Like Lightnings but if you're trailing in they take a while to rig and de-rig. Vangard Nomad is a nice daysailer, well mannered. A scow could be grins, maybe a MC scow. The Melges website would be a great place to start to look. Lots of good Cats to sail. Get a couple of old Lasers, fun to sail. Hope that helps some.
Hunter 14.6 looks close in performance, 107 square feet of sail versus 114 for the capri.. the beam looks wider, by 4 inches, and the hunter looks like a loose foot rig. It should be noted the Hunter is almost 300lbs heavier... So if you get one, find a Capri to race that has a large 2 man crew, and you single hand eh, otherwise their gonna walk away from you. The Hunter 146 should be easier to sail (less to fidget with), and more stable, but slower. The 146 looks more like the Catalina 14.2 expo in sail with above exceptions.

The hunter 170 is similar to the Catalina 165, but again is heavier, and probably more stable, and possibly slower. The specs are very eerily similar between the 165 and the 170. It is a normal rig main on both the 170 and 165.

Other older boats to consider in this size class... Designers choice 15, Holder/Vagabond 14, precision 15, vanguard 15, nomad (getting bigger now), the CL 14 and the CL16, as well as the others mentioned... If you upsize there are a lot more options... but then your trailerability goes down.

Hope that helps.

Don't expect too many people to here to give you an unbiased look at the capri... since most of us have made our choice, and our happy with it...

Mooseman being the exception.