I think you can have one built new for around that money.
To my knowledge, only Waterline Systems in RI builds them anymore. Someone is our fleet bought one last year from them. By the time he was done outfitting the boat, the money spent was $20K.

It appears that boats older than the 4000 numbers (1985 or earlier) are good for that money. Most folks who want to race competitively want at least late '80's or better. Depending on equipment included and the state thereof, these boats are anywhere from 5 - 10K+.
I have a 1979 sitting on a trailer....have owned it since 1990....peeled the gelcoat 5 years ago and since then has sat in the driveway so bottom and keel needs fairing. Has 2 mains/ 3 jibs/ 2 spinnakers/ no outboard. It`s just outside Charleston SC and trailer tires are only 5 with just 200 miles on them so a trip to Atlanta should be no issue . Only $1500. 803-three seven zero-o696