Wanted: Yellow/Orange sunfish sail

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Looking for a yellow & orange striped sunfish sail to match the hull of my ~70s boat. If possible, I'd love to get it before the 14th. Needs to be in good, usable condition. Willing to pay up to $150 and I will drive up to several hours away if needed.

Please email or PM me if interested.

I have an original yellow and orange sail from a 1978 boat that I am not using. Pretty good condition considering it is original. I haven't looked at it in detail so can't speak to the specifics until I do. I am in Coventry, CT. Let me know if you are interested in I will pull it out and take a look at it.
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That would be fantastic! As long as there are no major holes I would most definitely be interested. I'll look forward to hearing back.
If the first sail doesn't work out, I have an orange and yellow sail available. It does have a series of tiny holes from a fire ember that hit the sail when rolled up. I have used the sail as is, but I can put clear sail tape over the hulls each side of sail if you would like. If interested I can send photos. Sail is otherwise in very good shape, still somewhat crispy as it was not used a lot. E-mail me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com. I am located in Lincoln, RI. I am asking $130.

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