Wanted: Whisker pole

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I'm looking for a whisker pole for a 14.2 - I have one with a latching end fitting at one end and a pin at the other - I want one with latch end at both ends in the class official length, which I think is 7'8".
The pole length should be fixed. You could use a set screw to fix the length. I want to say the pole should be 7'8" measured mid jaw to mid jaw. I'll see if I can confirm the length.
New Whiskers

Having dumped a couple whiskers in the drink, I can tell you that Catalina sells a class-legal pole for about $80 or you can build one out of parts for about the same price. West Marine sells the ends: part number 111757. After scrounging salvage places I ended up paying $30+ for the aluminum tubing at a place that specializes in metal bits. The only benefit of making my own (besides the joy of figuring it out) was that I squirted foam in the ends and epoxied the fittings to improve my chances of finding the pole floating next time.