Wanted: Used New Style Deck Hardware And Rigging

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I'm about to pick up an old school boat with the old style rigging and would like to upgrade the rigging to race with, but don't have enough money to buy a new upgrade. If any one here has any of the new style rigging I would be willing to get it off of your hands. Thanks!
I am about to replace my Race-style rigging on the boat I just purchased, and happy to sell my existing rigging. Nothing wrong with it, mostly changing it for some color-coding (I'm odd like that).

I have:
Cunningham primary and secondary
Vang primary and secondary
Outhaul primary and secondary
Clew tie-down

All lines are of LP standard diameter and material.

If you need a mainsheet, I have that too. I don't have any hardware available but could get the hardware for you at a good discount. Drop me an email or PM.

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