Wanted: Used Expo 14.2 Central Florida

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Purchased a New Expo 14.2

Just wanted to say that I finally broke down and bought a new Expo 14.2. What a GREAT boat for single-handing! She tacks and points better than my Vanguard Nomad and is surprisingly fast. But, best of all, it literally takes 10 minutes to setup and launch.

If anyone has been considering one of these boats for knocking around or flying solo? You won't be sorry!
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Thanks for the good words!

They list around $7,000 with a decent trailer. I traded in a 4 year old Catalina Expo 12.5 on the deal. The 12.5 was a blast to sail in a 12 kt wind but a little small for my older back. The 14.2 is MUCH more comfortable and a lot more stable. It's got a carbon fiber mast that bends and depowers the sail a little when the wind gusts. If the wind is relatively steady the mast maintains its shape and you just hike out like a standard 14.2. It really helps when I'm single-handing in the squirrely winds down here in Tampa Bay.

The biggest problem with this boat is that there have only been a little over 200 built so it's pretty much impossible to find a used one. When they are listed - they sell in a week or two.

Take care and smooth seas!
Sounds like a fun boat. I'm still Laser sailing and I could see a boat like the Expo 14.2 being the right one to step to next. Thanks for all the good info!