WANTED: Used Capri 14.2's

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Westlake Yacht Club is looking to acquire some used Capri 14.2's for our junior and adult sailing programs. Age and appearance are not as important as her basic condition and good value. Boats with missing parts and hardware considered. Please reply with hull number, age, condition and location and what you want for her. She will be going to a great home!
A tax deductible charitable donation may be possible through the Westlake Sailing Foundation.
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Thanks for the e-bay tip

It looks like the thread is gone, but a big thanks to whoever put up the e-bay tip. It was a newer model C-14 and in very good condition only a few miles away from us. We made a deal and it's now part of the club's armada.

We also acquired an 80's vintage C-14 in excellent condition as a donation through our sailing foundation from a generous club member. We have leads on a couple of others that we are pursuing.

We WILL resurrect Fleet 1!