Wanted: Used Capri 14.2 sails for daysailing

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I am looking for a set of used sails for my Capri. I have a newer set of racing sails but my daysailing sails have reached the end of their useful life. I am looking to save on the wear and tear to my racing sails and not break the bank with a new set of daysailing sails. If anyone has any please contact me at ceattock@hotmail.com, older race sails would be fine too. Also if anyone has a low cost new sail alternative I would be interested to hear it, as I mentioned before these are not for racing but just for crusing with the kids.

Chris E.
Triumph America
Need mailsail too!

Were you successful at finding sails? I recently left my mainsail on a dock in Los Gatos, CA and have not gotten it back. Any info on offers that you received to sale sails to you would be appreciated. Bill (mailsail #434 )