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Wanted - Used Blade Jib


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Newcomer here, bought a 1980 J24 in the fall and started racing locally at Bear Lake, UT/ID border. It's my first sailboat too. Loving the J24, both cruising and racing.

I am in need of a cheap used blade. I don't need the Ferrari, I need Old Reliable that can get me from A to B in a pinch. This is where you dig out the one sitting in storage, the backup to the backup that will make your wife's week if you sell, even if you only see one single Benjamin for it. More money to support your tool addiction. Or it'll pay your netflix bill for a couple years. Just depends on what you're into. I'm a recent college grad who just spent all his extra cash on a floating 24 ft palace, so don't expect any offers on something worth 4 digits.

I will be looking for a used spinnaker in the near future too. I do have the pole but none of the rigging (sheets, halyard, uphaul, downhaul). After that upgrading halyards and mainsheet, the half-broken motor mount, and maybe someday I'll treat myself to new sails.

Thanks all, seems like a good group to be a part of.