Wanted: Sunfish with or without trailer

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I want to buy a used Sunfish with or without a trailer. I sail on Lake Martin. Can drive to pick up the boat (car-topping or on a trailer) anywhere in Alabama and nearer parts of most surrounding states.

I have a 2008 Sunfish that's been kept covered and used twice. It is in truly superb condition.

RW&B Sail, complete with seitech dolly with or without trailer hitch. (It is for SHORT SLOW towing only.)

I live in Navarre Florida along the gulf coast between Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola. If you are interested make me an offer by phone at (850) 939-6717. Don
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Thanks Don,

However, I'm sure your 2008 Sunfish is over my max budget for a Sunfish, which I've braked at $1000.

Sorry, I should have included that information in my original post.

I have no doubt you'll find a buyer for your 2008. It sounds like an interesting boat.

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