WANTED Sunfish Parts in Michigan

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I am restoring a few Sunfish for my daughters and wife and I have 3 hulls. I am in need of masts, Sails, boom, upper spars, dagger boards and rudders with the new rudder system. No Bronze needed lol. If you have any parts you are willing to let go please let me know. I am in the Brighton area in oakland county but will drive for a great deal! Thank you very much for your time and Happy Sailing.

beldar boathead

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Generally you will find it cheaper to buy an entire older boat with what you need and scrap the hull. Buying everything piece by piece, even used, will usually add up to more than the cost of an entire boat. You can check eBay for parts, and there are folks on the board who sell parts, but shipping spars is cost-prohibitive. You can find some recommendations on the board for purchasing tubing for masts and spars in bulk from aluminum dealers - if you use the search function hopefully you can find those threads.

I have most Sunfish parts from individual hardware items to rudders/tillers, dagger boards etc. Will ship most items but spars are too expensive to ship.
E-mail me at: aglos@colgate.edu and tell me what you need.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
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