Wanted: Sunfish Dolly

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I would like to find a dolly for my Sunfish. Doesn't have to be in perfect shape. I can buy a new one for $400. Looking for something for quite a bit less. Galveston, Tx. area.


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Thanks for the reply and info. I'm really hoping to find an aluminum one with a sling. I have come across a Trailex brand aluminum dolly for a sunfish. It doesn't have a sling but rollers instead. Anyone have experience with those?

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You could make your own dolly if you want, would be way less than $400.
sunfish pvc dolly & handle [plans]
Pic is w/o a handle, I've added a pvc handle to mine since then.

Nice job on that homemade dolly... I made a more cumbersome wooden dolly for my old Minifish, but that's because plenty of wood was readily available in the work area at the ol' beach cottage. My dolly had a steel axle and small wheels with pneumatic tires, total cost was under $50. I took some blue paint left over from another project and painted the wooden frame for additional protection, and the dolly easily fit in the trunk of the Camry while cartopping the boat, not a bad system for those willing to cartop. Anyway, if I were starting from scratch and building another dolly, I would certainly use this dolly pictured as the model for construction. With my tendency for overkill, I'd probably add some more cross-tubes for added strength and durability. Excellent job... looks like you used pipe insulation for padding your dolly, I used similar-looking pool toys which offered equal padding, LOL. WTF, they were blue to match the blue paint on the frame. Final observation here: with a little time and ingenuity, a hand can save heller money by building his or her own dolly.

P.S. I'm a notoriously cheap b@stard who didn't come from money, so I'll ALWAYS build whatever I need from whatever materials are handy, rather than throw down heller cash which would be better applied toward thick steaks & cold beers, LOL.
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