Wanted: rudder and tiller assembly for a Super Porpoise

Let me look in my barn and take a couple pictures - I think I have an extra rudder that has the lead weight like a Super Porpoise rudder, but I think it has a plastic rudder head. Not sure if it was from a knock-off sailboat, maybe?
Okay so I took a picture of both. My original Super Porpoise rudder on the left with the metal (aluminum?) rudder head.

The extra one I have is definitely a molded plastic rudder head, but it looks to be pretty much the same thing. It has a tiller, but not the retaining pin. Rudder appears to have a crack in it as well.

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My rudder pin has a small stainless steel chain attaching it to my boat. Do you know if your rudder pin has always been attached to the rudder? Also, does your rudder pin have a hole in the tip for a cotter/retention pin of some type? I couldn't tell from your picture.
Mine is how it was given to me when I bought it years ago... I haven't changed it. The top of the pin must have a small hole for the wire that is attached to it.
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That's very good. Otherwise, the rudder pin falls out when you completely capsize, and down to the bottom of the lake she goes (which is how you and I came to be acquainted).