Wanted: Ratchet block and/or cam cleat setup

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Like the title says, I'm looking to pick up a used ratchet block and/or cam cleat setup. This is a super low (college) budget build, and i'm new to this and just sailing recreationally. so that old block you replaced would probably be exactly what i'm looking for. thanks.

edit: my terminology may be off, but basically I am looking for everything in this picture:

I'm pretty sure that someone tried this setup, and the swiveling cleat part just didn't work out correctly - the line/sheet wouldn't work very well. I agree with Wavedancer - start with just the block.

if you want to add a cam cleat later, put it down on the cockpit lip.
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Yeah Ive been digging through the forum and I saw the cockpit lip setup. That was actually my plan, but I figured I'd try the swivel if I could pick one up cheap. Mainly I just want a block though. Thanks for the input!
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