Wanted - Radial sail and lower section

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I am interested in a nice condition Radial sail and lower mast section. Separate is fine. Picking up in the NW would be great. Shipping is fine if not too outrageous. Going down to the Gorge late August and I just don't weigh enough for 20 knots!

MasterMike - I've got a practically brand new laser radial lower mast section. I went to a regatta only to find out that I had brought my full rig section, and had to buy a new one. Other than that one regatta its never been used.

Unfortunately i'm located in Connecticut. I can sell this for $200. If you want it shipped, you will also have to pay for the cost of shipping.

contact: Will Wolfe
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Thanks for the offer Will. I suspect that the shipping would cancel out the savings, since I can pick up a new one for $265 from WCS in Portland when I'm there.
Thanks anyway!
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