Wanted: Pre-1972 rudder assembly...

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Hi Folks,
i am between jobs, and subsitiute teaching does not pay well....
i've been given an old but great Sunfish to teach my 8 year old (and Friends) how to sail on, but the rudder is too short. The hardware doesn't match up, and appears to be for a sailfish...
i cannot afford much, and while the sailfish rudder will work (but not well) it will be difficult for the kids to lean onto the tiller keeping the blade in the water.... thus: i seek an old style rudder to complete the boat...

Thank You!!
Two ideas: First, contact Herb Baker in Lexington, MA as Herb has a lot of old fittings that he can sell to help you retrofit this rudder. It sounds like you need the longer Sunfish vertical bronze plate as the one you have is probably off a Sailfish. Contact Herb at: Herbaker@aol.com.

Second, go to e-bay, search word "Sunfish" as they have several old style ruidder assemblies for sale right now.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia. NY
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Thank You...
yes, i've seen them on ebay, and the auctions are really just out of my range.. i'm not in the position right now to devote resources to this...
the sailfish rudder will work, but imperfectly.
hopefully i'll find a trade to make.
i may have someone who wants a spare mast/boom assembly i have...
it's a long story, but i've been asking peploe for "parts" for a little while now, and... sure enough, i now have parts.

Thank you,
in the spirit of teaching the young to enjoy our world,
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