WANTED: Passage around Darien gap


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Hello everyone,

I am a hitchhiker planning a trip from the USA to South America. I will be departing in January, 2014 and hope to be in Brazil for carnival. The rub is this big chunk of jungle between Panama and Columbia, the darien gap.

I am looking for a way around the gap to Columbia around the middle of February 2014. If anyone will be cruising that way and could give a backpacker a lift, it would be much appreciated! We can work something out monetarily to cover fuel/food costs. I am also certainly willing to work as a deck hand, though to be honest, I have no experience sailing. That said, it probably doesn't count for much, but I am an eagle scout and know a bit about tying knots and engines. I'm also a former lifeguard and great swimmer. I'm eager to learn the ins and outs of cruising!

Looking forward to your reply,