Wanted: Wanted older C 14.2

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Hello. I'm wanting to buy an older C14.2 with sails and trailer.

Older because I would like to spend 2000 or less.

I'm in the Greater Cincinnati area. So, I could look for the right boat in

KY, OH, IN, and TN. Thanks. Mark
1988 Capri

I have a 1988 Capri with galvonized trailer; It's a mod 1 with the cuddy up front;
Main - reefing jib; I had for 3 years now and sail in the local resevoir. I'm in NJ but could meet you some place in PA if interested; Contact me directly for further info
How about 1993 west of Phiadelphia?? UPSITED, I am thinking abut putting up for sale mu 1993 Capri 14.2, Is west side of Philadelphia close enough for you???
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KY man needs a boat

Thanks for the info. I had been talking to a guy West of Philadelphia, over in NJ, about his 14.2. I looked a bunch of pics, talked about price and meeting halfway to make the exchange. But, over the weekend, someone finally replied to my local craigslist ad.
I'm looking at his boat on Wednesday. So, I got the Nj guy on hold and I'll keep your boat in mind also. Thanks.