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WANTED: Old Style Wooden rudder, preferably in South Ontario

Hi, I have an old style pre 1972 wooden rudder that has unfortunately split. I need the rudder replaced and am hoping to keep the old style. I still have all of the mounting equipment intact. If anybody knows of a place that has the old style rudders in stock let me know.

Any information about the rudder is also appreciated. For example, I was thinking if I knew the wood that the rudder was made from and any of the necessary treatments/coatings done to it to make it "lakeworthy" I could have one made my a woodworker.

Thanks! Nick


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Hi Nick, provide some pictures of the damaged rudder blade. There are quite a few posts on how to repair a split rudder. Just use the search feature at the top of the site.

Alan S. Glos

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Try Herb Baker in Lexington, MA (herbaker@aol.com) or Craig Obara in Smithfield, RI (cjo1023@yahoo.com) I am guessing that either Herb or Craig
has an old style rudder blade. I have a complete old style rudder assembly for sale but it looks like you just need the blade.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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I have a old style rudder. I'm thinking the shipping cost is going to be a lot more
than what it takes to make a new one as I'll only send the whole unit with bracket and tiller
handle. It's such a cool wall hanger I don't have the heart to break it up. What Alan said!

If it's split it's easy to use wood glue and clamps. If the split refuses to clamp shut then
epoxy and micro-balloons will work to fill the gap. I've done many oars this way. After
that hit it with a couple coats of spar varnish and It will be good for another 30 years.