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Wanted: Old Style Rudder Parts

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This is a great story even if you don't have the parts I needed.

I had a guy who happened by my home and wanted to buy my old sunfish, but I said it was not for sale. A short time later I found out that several of the rudder parts for the sunfish had been removed. So, I am in need of a few of the parts he did not have time to steal. This is a for an old style rudder assembly.

I need:

The deck plate that fits on the bottom of the boat, the carriage bolt, carriage bolt tube and the wing nut for the carriage bolt. If anyone has the entire assembly for sale, I would be interested. I really do not need the deck plate that fits on the deck itself, just the plate under the boat and the associated carriage bolt/tube/wing-nut.

Robert Peden


Hi Robert.
I have the bottom rudder latch $20.00 used and a new carriage bolt $15.00. I also have all the other parts as well as the ones that go on the rudder and tiller itself
Contact me if interesed at herbaker@aol.com
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