WANTED: old style boom vang 'swivel'

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My '75 laser need a new part on the boom vang.
I now think that what I really need is just the pin & ring for the vang block. (I first posted that I needed the 'swivel')
I cannot see any photos of this part of the vang or determine if that is right.
I'm not sure what the 20-21-1 with key is versus the 20-22-1 with jam.

It connects the lower block of the standard vang rig to the bottom of the mast. Does anyone have one left after an upgrade or spare parts? I can order it if I know for sure what to order

here is a list from a laser parts list, so it might be the 80-11-1 or 80-07-1
20-23-1 Vang Key, Straight
20-24-1 Vang Key, Curved
80-11-1 Vang Swivel
80-07-1 Super Vang Swivel
20-21-1 Vang block with key
20-22-1 Vang block w/ jam **
21-22-1 Standard vang

(I have the swivel part of the block that connects to the boom)

If you have any knowledge on this, let me know. I would like to go sailing soon! :eek:

I am now trying to link a couple photos of the vang I have ( on facebook ). First is just the part that needs a connector. The second is the whole vang to show what is there vs. what is missing.
If you are still looking for a swivel I am pretty sure I have the one in my sail bag. I am in Rochester this weekend visiting friends and could drop it off while I am in town.
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