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I am an incoming freshman at UC Davis, where our sailing team is just starting up. I am in need of a newer boat in the area to race in the college circuit. I have been sailing for 6 years, and sailing Lasers for three. I am looking for a newer boat that will last me a while and is fit for my experience. I do not need a trailer. Boat must come with Hull covers, new rigging, dolly, and blade bag. Here is what I am looking to pay for you boat:

Years: 2007-Present
Price: $4,500 +/-

Years: 2006-2004
Price: $4,000 +/-

Years: 2003- 2001
Price: $3,000 +/-

Years: 2000- 1998
Price: $2,500 +/-

Years: 1998-1995
Price: $2,000 +/-

Michael Lazzaro
(650) 906-4167
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