Wanted: Mod 3 Capri 14.2


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I am a member of the CSULB Sailing Association. We need to replace one of our older Capri 14.2s as it is very tired from being an instructional boat. Specifically, we need a Mod 3 in good condition in the southern California area. Bare minimum is a Mod3 hull in solid condition with no major dings, and a rig. A trailer is not necessary as we already have too many 14.2 trailers. Sails are not especially needed, but would always be nice. Price range up to $2,000. If you are so inclined, the CSULBSA is a non-profit orgainization and can give you a tax deduction if you would like to donate the boat. Many thanks in advance.

Please contact me here, with the _at_ substituted for an @, of course:
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I dont't think so... We do make trips to Catalina, but everyone piles onto a club member's yawl and we drag allong a few windsurfer boards and Lasers. That would certainly be a trip for a 14.2 alright!